Friday, 29 March 2013


Well the last couple of nights Mona-Molly has been unsettled and i am putting it down to her jabs, am hoping that she will be back to usual tonight x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Baby Swim

Well this morning we braved the snowy conditions and headed out to Aquaswim! Mona-Molly was feeling fine after her jabs, we got pool side and she was giggling and excited, in the water she splashed around a lot but was a bit off sorts.  As a result she didn't take part in the "submersions" we still had a great time.  The  Instructor was great and very understanding.

After Aquaswim I then decided to take the plunge and join Slimming World.  It's kinda alien to me, I have been to Weight Watchers before and it is completely different.  The leader seemed very friendly and the group were really casual and welcoming. I am already looking forward to trying this out!

I am now sitting at home looking out the window and the snow is falling thick and fast, it is the most surreal thing ever.  We are fast approaching the end of March, Easter is only a couple of days away and I am having to dig out snow clothes for the kiddies, I had gotten some lovely little Spring outfits for my daughter and by the time the weather turns I doubt she is going to fit into them!

I am longing for Spring to arrive, I want to be able to get out and enjoy the garden in our new home.  We have been here since October, so haven't really had the chance to get out and enjoy it.  I want to be able to take my daughter out and let her explore the world, I kinda feel a little trapped. 

On the up side I am looking forward to having a big family dinner on Saturday to celebrate Easter, we are all meeting up at my Dad's house.  Me, my sisters and our kids along with both Mum and Dad, which is a miracle and a complete BLOG on its own!! (maybe I'll divulge it soon) x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Baby Bulge

It's time now to take control and lose this baby bulge.  I have been putting it off for so long, Mona-Molly is 4 months old today and I have had my post-natal check.  All is reasonably ok so I have no more excuses.


I have decided to join Slimming World, it is going to be completely alien to me.  I have been to weight watchers in the past and it has worked for a little while.  Slimming World has been recommended by some friends.

I have a mini target in mind for my weight loss, I am heading off to Spain in a matter of weeks time and although I am not expecting miracles I would like to have lost a few lbs before we go. 


Exercise is a bit of a no go at the minute, I am awaiting x-rays on my feet as I have a few issues with them.  I am therefore limited in the weight-loss, so hoping diet alone can at least have a little bit of impact on the scales!


Part of my new found motivation also comes in the form of my Husband.  He has recently began the 5:2 diet and is doing so well.  The difference is obvious and motivational, I too would jump on the band-wagon of the 5:2 diet though I am unable to do so as I am breastfeeding my daughter so this is unsuitable at the minute.  


Well I'm off to get ready for bed, Mona-Molly and I have our swimming class in the morning! 



Really Tough Day

So today I have had a tough day as a mum, I have had to endure 2 doctor visits, one with each child.

My darling son had to see the doctor and he has suggested that James has some blood tests done, so now I have to wait until Friday to get his bloods done, we have been given some "magic cream" to put on him an hour before hand.  I am already a wreck thinking about it.

Then this afternoon I had to take Mona-Molly to her appointment for her third set of jabs.  It was not as bad as I thought, she was much more unsettled than previous jabs.  She has slept most of the day and when she has been awake has been in great form.  The last time she had them they made her grumpy on the day after so I am not holding out much hope for tomorrow!

Me - well I am tired and grumpy - I need to get a lot done and spent almost an hour sorting through all the rubbish and recycling to put to the bins only to realise that they don't need to go out until tomorrow night! Am now hoping the wind settles tonight and there isn't trash all over the garden in the morning!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Transition 1 to 2!

Rambling here goes!

I am loving being a mum to 2 but I have to admit the transition from mum of 1 to mum of 2 has been far from smooth.  I found being mum of one easy and was able to take it all in my stride.  The early days were great, long lie ins no real commitments. Then the school runs started and getting my son and I ready was a little of a struggle, NOW it's gone from manageable to manic!

Getting out the door in the mornings needs a lot of planning, getting my son ready and my daughter up, fed and changed, it usually ends up with delays and things occur that make even the most smoothly running mornings turn into chaos!

I am quite open on the fact that mornings and I are not best of friends.  I enjoy nothing more than a lie in, though to be honest I cannot remember the last time I managed to sleep fully beyond 8am.  Night feeds are still on my agenda and I think they will continue for a little while.  My daughter is almost 4 months old and Breast fed, which I love, I enjoy the bond we have though at times I do feel exhausted and drained from all the energy it takes to feed her.  She is a healthy chubby baby, though I seem to spend the majority of my day with her attached to me, which means I have less quality time to spend with my son.

When my daughter was born my son was great, he was mesmerized and enjoyed spending time with us all.  Now the novelty has begun to wore off, he occassionally makes comments that make us realise that he is a little jealous and at times he has played up on either myself or my husband.  We are lucky in the fact that the little streak of jealousy has not made him resent his sister as I have heard stories of children being jealous and placing siblings into dangerous situations.  I am just lucky that he is a caring little boy and although he plays up he loves his sister and is very protective!

I am looking forward to watching my son grow into a a young man, and a big brother, and I am loving every day watching him grow and change.

I am looking forward to watching my daughter grow from baby to girl to young woman and as I see her every day she is growing and her personality is developing.  As much as I long to see her as a toddling girl I would love to be able to press pause and just savor her as she is now!!

Let me introduce myself....

Well I thought I would delve into the world of blogs.  Not sure how I'll do but hey I'll give it a go.  I am a somewhat busy mum to 2. I have what is known as a "Gentleman's Family" I have a beautiful, lively, active 5 year old boy and an adorable chubby almost 4 month old daughter.  My son, James seems to change and grow every day and my daughter, Mona-Molly keeps me busy and also makes me realise how quickly time passes. 

And then there is me Joeanne, I am 31 years old and enjoying life at the minute.  I have a supportive husband and a great family circle.

I am hoping to take some time out every day or so and share my thoughts, activities and ordeals of family life!